Jubilee Designs
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Jubilee Designs
A Yonge Street Mission initiative focused on providing employment opportunities for homeless and at-risk youth.

"Jubilee Designs has made me feel like anything is possible. I don’t know what my next job will be, but I am ready. " - Shaq

Jubilee Designs employs homeless and at-risk youth to lead workshops as well as create handmade, one of a kind products!

We work with our youth employees on their personal and professional goals while giving them employment experience in a positive and familiar environment. Our goal is to encourage natural talents while also helping our employees gather skills and experiences that will help them excel in the workforce.

How can you help?

Sign up for a workshop and spend some time with the youth while making something beautiful. We have opportunities for group bookings for up to 15 people.

Shop our handmade goods.

Check out our volunteering and donation opportunities.

Follow us on Instagram @jubileeworkroom

Silk scarf in orange, brown and blue