Who is involved in Jubilee Designs?

Jubilee Designs is operated under the umbrella of The Yonge Street Mission’s Evergreen Centre for Street Youth. There are two staff at Evergreen that directly oversee Jubilee Designs:

  • The Jubilee Designs Marketing & Administration Coordinator, who oversee day-to-day operations and supervision of the youth employees.

  • Jubilee Creative Coordinator / Evergreen Arts Worker, who assists the Marketing and Administration Coordinator to hire and train youth and runs the drop-in art program at Evergreen.

Jubilee Designs also has three youth positions available:

  • Studio Artists, who work in the production of all products made and sold by Jubilee Designs

  • Studio Instructors, who are Studio Artists that have been trained to lead the workshops offered by Jubilee Designs.

  • Assistant Business Coordinator, who works with the Marketing and Administration Coordinator on behind the scenes business related activities.

Who are the products made by? Who leads the workshops?

All products are made by youth in the Studio Artist position.

Our workshops are also taught by youth who are showing consistency in the Studio Artist position. Teaching others is a great confidence boost for youth who are working towards success

Where does the name Jubilee Designs come from?

The name of Jubilee Designs is inspired by the Ancient Hebrew principle of poverty reduction, whereby slaves were meant to be freed and land returned to original owners every 49 years. It is a celebration of the redistribution of wealth in a way that is dignifying and fair.

What supports do you offer the youth employees?





Jubilee Designs is unique in our approach to providing street involved youth with employment. Since we are based out of Evergreen Centre for Street Youth, we are able to provide our employees with access to many services they would otherwise not have. Nutritious lunches are prepared on site, a healthcare centre offers low barrier access to doctors, dentists, psychiatrists and more, housing workers are available and there is a counsellor for anyone who wants to speak with someone.

We build relationships with many of the 100-200 youth that visit Evergreen daily, and from this place of trust, we are able to give them their first positive workplace experience. We support them by providing short (2 to 6 hour) shifts, allowing breaks if needed, training one-to-one and in small groups, and allowing for flexible work schedules. We strive to foster an environment where no youth is afraid or ashamed to ask for help when needed. As their skills and self-confidence levels rise, many begin to take on greater challenges and move toward a place of readiness for outside employment.

Does Jubilee Designs have any partners?


We have received generous support from several organizations in the short span of time since Jubilee Designs was created. Alongside our primary funding partner, the Toronto Enterprise Fund, we have also received financial support from Pulp Reclaimed Materials Art & Design. The Reliable Corporation provided an in-kind donation of a leather sewing machine, and the University Consulting Group donated their time to conduct market research and design the initial business plan.

How can myself or my business donate to Jubilee Designs?

Jubilee Designs accepts donations of materials, equipment and finances. For more information on how to donate please check out Donations Page.