Our Story

Jubilee Designs offers incredible team experiences for companies like yours and creates handmade, one of a kind products for sale – all while setting up homeless and at-risk youth for success.

Our team-building workshops are lively, incredibly fun and make a powerful difference to those we work with. Even better? You get the unique opportunity to interact and genuinely connect with the youth themselves. They teach the workshops and give demonstrations, and are present during the workshop to assist and direct participants.

Jubilee Designs is a Yonge Street Mission initiative that employs talented artists and wonderful teachers.

Some of these youth are experiencing situations that make it hard for them to find and keep full-time employment. But at Jubilee Designs, we are able to structure their work, so that we can help them fulfill their huge potential.

We are the first step towards reaching the goals they have for their future. Whether that’s schooling or full-time employment, this is a place where they can practice and perfect the skills and coping methods they will need to be successful.

By hiring us to run your team-building afternoon, taking one of our workshops or buying a handmade product, you get twice the benefit: an excellent investment in yourself – and in the youth at Jubilee Designs!

Interested in booking a team-building workshop, for groups of 5 - 15? Click HERE to submit an enquiry.

Any questions? Get in touch – jubilee@jubileedesigns.ca or call 416-895-2908

"Jubilee was really helpful in stabilizing my mental health... I knew I could call in sick, or call in 'homeless' and that I wouldn't have to worry about being punished or judged."