Sharon & Ainsley

Sharon (right) loves cookies, points programs, equality and fabric - all fabric! She is a creative whirlwind, full of energy, ideas and the follow through to make them happen. Sharon is known as "the one who can fix my pants" to all the Evergreen youth and they are always looking for her with their sewing needs. 

Ainsley (left) loves colour, music and chai lattes (with soy, if you're offering). She's known to the youth as the "tall one". With quirky dance moves and never-ending enthusiasm, Ainsley's photographic eye is always looking for the best way to show off the youth's newest creations. 

With a background in costume design, Sharon brought her passion for the arts to her role at Evergreen. Seeing a need for a program to bridge youth into employment readiness, Sharon sought input from youth about what program a program like that should include. Sharon ran a pilot project of the Jubilee Designs concept in the summer of 2016. With history in commercial photography and as an entrepreneur, Ainsley's joined the team slightly before the official launch in April 2017. Jubilee Designs continues to employ youth who are excited to be part of a small business that supports them personally and professionally and understanding the challenges they face in their everyday lives.



Jubilee designs was a great opportunity to work on developing the skills that I need for my future goals. It is a great stepping stone that helped me gain experience in the arts of silk-screening and sewing while also developing my job readiness skills. The most helpful part of this experience is getting a paid opportunity to learn that can also be put on a resume to set me off on the career path I want with the skills I need.  



I had felt confused about what I wanted to do in my life. Jubilee was very accepting, the people were caring and gave me space to think. Since I started working for Jubilee I felt like I wanted to make an impact in the world and have a more powerful message than just a job to make money.We have a little bit of art in us, whether we realize it or not, art is an expression of ourselves. In the end, we started coming more so for ourselves. Jubilee helped us discover who we were and what we had to offer. 




Before I had this job, I was closed minded about what I can learn. Jubilee has helped me to see more of my job skills. The work place that we are in here makes it easier to talk to my boss or co-workers. This job has made me feel like anything is possible. I don’t know what my next job will be, but I am ready.


My time management and approach to working has changed since Jubilee. Flexibility around shifts and minimal pressure to be on time for every shift, has allowed me to learn how to better manage my time and even to push myself harder.  I have found that I can learn quickly and commit to something I enjoy. Since starting Jubilee, I have returned to school and picked up another job. I look forward to continuous growth within Jubilee and in my life.


I've had a lot of trouble with punctuality, during my time with Jubilee I learned how to schedule my time a lot better. Jubilee gave me an idea of the type of workplace culture I want to be in and what type of company I want to work in or start myself. My role in Jubilee has opened my eyes to new career options. I'm now excited about my future and have an idea of what I want to do in it.


I’ve had a hard time keeping employment throughout my life, I would spiral downhill; with my on & off unstable housing, mental health, or my addiction problem that I attained at a young age of 17. Jubilee Designs has helped me in areas I never thought I needed. I have gained self-awareness, patience, confidence, and I’ve been beginning to be more persistent in trying, even when I fail.


I used to struggle with keeping jobs because of my mental illness and unstable housing. Jubilee Designs taught me how to balance my work and personal life so I can stay employed when things get tough. I have also learned how to move past conflicts in the workplace so I can get along with people even when I don't agree with them.