Jubilee Designs Grant Writing Volunteer

Purpose: Search for and complete grant applications for funding relevant to Jubilee Designs, a social enterprise of the Yonge Street Mission’s Evergreen’s drop-in centre.

Jubilee Designs is an employment opportunity for street-involved youth (ages 16-24). Jubilee aims to be an introduction to the work environment in a safe place that understands the challenges facing the youth workers. We offer two ways for consumers to engage; crafting workshops led by the youth instructors and handmade products available for purchase. Activities could include: engaging and encouraging Jubilee’s youth artists in supportive conversations and listening to their experiences of Jubilee, searching for funding sources related to the activities of Jubilee Designs, taking lead on completing funding applications.

A note about our participants: The participants we aim to serve in this program have many obstacles in their lives. Most are living in shelters or in unstable housing situations. Many don’t trust others and may have not completed high school. All participants are between the ages of 16-24. Despite the hardships they have faced, most participants have great hopes and dreams, and you can engage with them to add to developing the self-confidence they need to make their dreams a reality. 


  • Researching potential funding opportunities

  • Getting approval to apply for funding from Jubilee Designs staff and the Yonge Street Mission Philanthropy team

  • Tracking all grant requirements

  • Coordinating grant submissions from start to finish including:

  • Developing project plans with appropriate time frames to effectively communicate and work with staff and funders

  • Preparing letters of intent

  • Reviewing the literature

  • Writing narratives

  • Working with Jubilee Designs staff to obtain program and financial information

  • Submitting applications in coordination with Jubilee Designs staff

Qualification & Experience:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of grant application procedures and best practice in the nonprofit sector

  • Computer literate

  • Excellent analytical and research skills

  • Highly organized, able to multi-task, and work with deadlines

  • Highly strategic and entrepreneurial thinking supported by precise execution of all plans.

  • Ability to articulate the mission of Jubilee Designs

  • A sincere desire to understand and be sensitive to street-involved youth, marginalized peoples and struggles that youth may experience (such as: mental health challenges, attention deficit disorders, parenting challenges, addictions, abuse-survivor effects, youth in crisis, hygiene concerns, etc.)

  • Mature, responsible and professional

  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

  • Self-motivated

  • Willingness and ability to engage youth in conversations

  • Initiative, creativity and willingness to be flexible and try new things

Key Relationships:

  • Street-involved youth who have or will be selected for the Jubilee Designs workroom sessions

  • Jubilee Designs leadership team


  • Opportunity to develop leadership, interpersonal and supportive skills

  • Opportunity to develop and practice skills in your selected field

  • Volunteers will be given a letter of reference after a successful term of volunteering, provided all the requirements are met and adhered to

  • Know that you are encouraging career development for street-involved youth in our community

Working Conditions/Physical Exertion: Position requirements are flexible; the majority of the work will be done off-site at home or office. Dealing with the stress and trauma of youth’s lives can be hard and draining. Volunteers can experience this as a personal challenge which can be dealt with through proper self-care, balanced volunteer-home life, and good a support network of family, friends, or church. Please note that volunteers can engage for long periods of time without seeing any substantial change in the youth. Other volunteer team members and staff supervisors are helpful in regards to this issue.

Position Term:

  • A six-month probationary period is in place for all volunteers at the YSM in all new positions

  • Reflections/evaluations will be conducted by both the volunteer and supervisor to determine progress in position

  • Continuation will be based on performance, reliability, progress, etc.

Hours of Position: The majority of the volunteers schedule will be determined by the volunteer’s availability, aprox 6-10 hours a week. The majority of the work for this position will be done off-site by the volunteer. Volunteers must be able to commit to a six month commitment with Jubilee Designs.

For more on volunteer guidelines and policies please refer to the Volunteer Manual.

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